Ipad or No Ipad ?

Ipad !! is buzz of today, tomorrow may be a month and at most a year.

For me as a software programmer Ipad is just like an multimedia device where i can enjoy watching videos, listening music and playing games at the max.

But how often will i do it .. not much.

So, lets believe i buy it for my entertainment but still I dont understand

Why is flash not supported ?

I guess its a strategy to show their dominance:  All Apples(product/technology) in a  “Apple” .

App Store

Although it has been confirmed that the iPad will work with the App Store, it’s not guaranteed that all apps will work on the firmware. This could be a real issue, and has the potential for disaster with up scaling.

No camera

Another common multimedia feature not available. I guess they forgot to put it. 😉

No multitasking

21st century is all about multitasking .. Ipad wont allow the user to open multiple applications at a time.

Support or no support of 3G. It is unclear?

Lets see some good points about it

Nah !! nothing extraordinary features come to my mind. Its just again reinventing the wheel. Again with so much hype of the Ipad, it has been below my expectation.

768-bit RSA cracked, 1024-bit safe (for now)

With the increasing computing power available to even casual users, the security-conscious have had to move on to increasingly robust encryption, lest they find their information vulnerable to brute-force attacks. The latest milestone to fall is 768-bit RSA; in a paper posted on a cryptography preprint server, academic researchers have now announced that they factored one of these keys in early December

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Terracotta acquires Ehcache

Terracotta has entered into an agreement with Greg Luck, the copyright owner and primary developer on the Ehcache project. Ehcache is of course the most popular open source Java cache library. The agreement means that Greg Luck will join Terracotta, the Ehcache copyright will transfer from Greg to Terracotta, and Terracotta will take over hosting Ehcache.

Before going any further about where we’re headed, I want to answer some possible first questions you might have:

Open source – Ehcache is open source. Terracotta is open source. No change.
License – Ehcache currently uses the Apache 2.0 license. No change.
Hosting – Hosting will move from SourceForge to the Terracotta Forge. The exact details of this are still in progress but Terracotta will take over the hosting of source code (svn), mailing lists, issue tracking, forums, etc.
Greg Luck – Greg will continue to be heavily involved in the direction of Ehcache.
Existing functionality – Ehcache will continue to be, by default, a non-clustered cache with exactly the same usage patterns it has today. No change in basic usage.

Full story : Terracotta acquires Ehcache

VMWare acquires SpringSource

Another emerging open source company acquired. In their press release vmware announced that it had acquired SpringSource for some some reasons.

Over last 5 yrs Springsource has emerged as one of the leaders in providing framework and support to develop enterprise applications. OVer short span of time its had provided one of the stable framework for developing applications.

This news has come as a surprise at least to me and a disappointment.

More details are here VMWare acquires SpringSource

What’s In The Gmail Magic Inbox?

One almost surefire way to find if a new feature is on the verge of launching is to dig through code. That’s exactly what led to finding a reference to something called “Magic Inbox,” in Gmail. But what is it? Well, it could just be another one of those nifty, but small new features that Google loves to roll out in Gmail Labs at breakneck speed. But there’s a chance it’s something much, much bigger.

Specifically, Google Operating System, which did the digging, believes that the feature likely is a way to sort your Gmail inbox by your social graph. The two references to “friends” in the code, seems to lend some credence to this. Presumably, this would allow you to better filter your inbox based on if you have specified the emailer as a contact. As someone who gets bombarded by email everyday, most of which is not from people I actually know, I would weep with joy if such a feature were implemented. And so would my mom, as she may actually get emails back from me were that the case.

Of course, others have been working on this same idea as well. Yahoo has been saying for a while that it wants to use your inbox as a part of your social graph. Microsoft’s Hotmail has been working on things in the area as well, as has Xobni. But given all the work Google has been doing recently to tighten up its social graph across its huge network of services, a social filter in Gmail could be very, very useful.

Users are likely to have security concerns about this as well. Some people want their email client to be completely private and not a part of the social graph. Of course, Google has already been using Gmail as a key starting point for your social graph for a while now, even if you didn’t realize it. Well over a year ago, Google it rolled out its social features to Google Reader, pulling in who it thought your friends were based on who you emailed in Gmail.

This proved to be an awful idea as people you email aren’t necessarily your friends. Google eventually rolled out several updates to this feature to allow users to better tailor their relationships. And that would obviously be a key part of a Gmail social filter as well. You need to be able to separate out your actual friends from those who you simply have contacted in the past, or maybe even correspond with a lot.

While Google hasn’t exactly nailed the social features, it’s pretty clear that the company is thinking about them — a lot. And that your Google Contacts, which started as a part of Gmail, but have since been spun out, are a key part of it.

Google I/O, its large developer conference is taking place next week. Google is likely to use the event to unveil some key new things it has been working on. Could that be a “magic inbox,” which is also called “icebox inbox” in the code? We’ll be there to find out. Maybe Gmail will even leave beta — but probably not

 Source : TechCrunch.com :Gmail Inbox

IS Twitter the new business card?

Recently a new trend is visible during tech-meet ups. While some people meeting up there were handing out business cards (mostly Moo Cards), the majority of people were merely adding the new faces they met directly to their Twitter follow lists via their smart phones. “Is Twitter the new business card?” This is how it went down:

Person meets person

Pleasantries are exchanged

Small chit chat about common business interests

Potential plans are made

“Let me get your contact info”

“Do you have Twitter?” (Note: this is where a business card should be exchanged)

“Why, yes I do?”

Both parties whip out Smart Phones and open respective Twitter clients

 Both parties type “follow newperson” into the Twitter client and submit

 “Great, nice to meet you. I will be in touch!”

It’s a novel idea, really. I did it myself. I found it easy and I didn’t have to worry so much about sorting through a mess of business cards when I got home (no, I don’t use a scanner). But then I ran into a significant issue: “Who the heck was that guy? Why am I following this person? What was that lady’s name again?” While doing such a thing is certainly convenient, is it realistic if you want to build a solid business relationship. There’s no way to enter details about this person, unless of course you immediately @ message them and say “Nice to meet you re: xyz.” But what if it’s for a business deal or a job opportunity? You certainly don’t want to announce that to the world. I think there’s an interesting opportunity here for Twitter, in terms of monetizing. What if the company gave people an opportunity to save contact details about a person as they add others to their follow lists? Perhaps an add-on service that we can subscribe to in order to turn Twitter into a contact database of sorts. Or, some sort of LinkedIn integration would be swell, too.

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