Terracotta acquires Ehcache

Terracotta has entered into an agreement with Greg Luck, the copyright owner and primary developer on the Ehcache project. Ehcache is of course the most popular open source Java cache library. The agreement means that Greg Luck will join Terracotta, the Ehcache copyright will transfer from Greg to Terracotta, and Terracotta will take over hosting Ehcache.

Before going any further about where we’re headed, I want to answer some possible first questions you might have:

Open source – Ehcache is open source. Terracotta is open source. No change.
License – Ehcache currently uses the Apache 2.0 license. No change.
Hosting – Hosting will move from SourceForge to the Terracotta Forge. The exact details of this are still in progress but Terracotta will take over the hosting of source code (svn), mailing lists, issue tracking, forums, etc.
Greg Luck – Greg will continue to be heavily involved in the direction of Ehcache.
Existing functionality – Ehcache will continue to be, by default, a non-clustered cache with exactly the same usage patterns it has today. No change in basic usage.

Full story : Terracotta acquires Ehcache

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