What is difference between static and init block in java

The static block is only loaded when the class object is created by the JVM for the 1st time whereas init {} block is loaded every time class object is created. Also first the static block is loaded then the init block.

public class LoadingBlocks {

System.out.println("Inside static");

System.out.println("Inside init");
public static void main(String args[]){
new LoadingBlocks();
new LoadingBlocks();
new LoadingBlocks();


Inside static
Inside init
Inside init
Inside init

11 thoughts on “What is difference between static and init block in java

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    2. Static block get called only once at very first when the class is loaded by the JVM, It will be called even if no object of this class is created but init block is called every time u create an object of the class, init is like constructor calling be u can not pass parameters to constructor.

  1. Static block is executed even if you don’t create object and therefore static block code run when jvm loads the class

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