Ipad or No Ipad ?

Ipad !! is buzz of today, tomorrow may be a month and at most a year.

For me as a software programmer Ipad is just like an multimedia device where i can enjoy watching videos, listening music and playing games at the max.

But how often will i do it .. not much.

So, lets believe i buy it for my entertainment but still I dont understand

Why is flash not supported ?

I guess its a strategy to show their dominance:  All Apples(product/technology) in a  “Apple” .

App Store

Although it has been confirmed that the iPad will work with the App Store, it’s not guaranteed that all apps will work on the firmware. This could be a real issue, and has the potential for disaster with up scaling.

No camera

Another common multimedia feature not available. I guess they forgot to put it. 😉

No multitasking

21st century is all about multitasking .. Ipad wont allow the user to open multiple applications at a time.

Support or no support of 3G. It is unclear?

Lets see some good points about it

Nah !! nothing extraordinary features come to my mind. Its just again reinventing the wheel. Again with so much hype of the Ipad, it has been below my expectation.