How to create customized singly linked list

Linked list work on the concept of FIFO – First in First out. i.e the element inserted first will be the one retrieved first.

Create a class which will act as data structure and act as a single Node.

 public class MyList {


            public Object ob;

            public MyList next;


            public MyList(Object ob){




Now create a class to implement the basic functionality:

public class MyLinkedList {


            private MyList first=null;

            private MyList last=null;


            public MyLinkedList (){



            public void add(Object o){

                        if(first == null){

                                    first = last= new MyList(o);


                           = new MyList(o);




            private void getData(){

                        MyList temp =first;


                                    System.out.println(temp.ob + ” “);


                        }while(temp != null);



            private void delete(Object o){

                        MyList temp =first;

                        MyList prev =null;







                                    prev = temp;


                        }while(temp != null);




public static void main(String args[]){

                         MyLinkedList lst = new MyLinkedList();







                         System.out.println(“After Insert”);



                         System.out.println(“After Delete”);





The output will be :

After Insert

6 62 16 65 26 25


After Delete

6 62 65 26 25



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