How to install python plugin for eclipse :Pydev tutorial

1)      The plugin which I use to develop Python programs on Eclipse is Pydev. It’s a free plugin and can be downloaded from hereDownload

2)      Install the Pydev by just following the instructions

3)      Once the Pydev is installed open eclipse

4)      Goto Window -> Preferences -> Pydev -> Interpreter Python

5)      Click on the New Button

6)      Select the path where the “python.exe” is present and click on OK

7)      If the path is successfully found the screen should look like this

8)      Click on OK. Now goto Window -> Open Perspective

9)      Select the Pydev perspective , which means the plugin is successfully configured and you are ready to write the first program.

10)      Goto File -> New -> PyDevProject

11)      After Click on Finish , the project appear is “PyDev Package Explorer”.

12)      Right Click on src -> New -> PyDev Module

13)      Enter the name of program and click on Finish.

14)      The screen should appear as follows

16)      Instead of “pass” write

print ‘Hello World’

17)      Run the program with the play button as a normal java program runs.

18)      Check the console screen to see “Hello World”